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Apparel Merchandising:Marketing Research Integrative Paper
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摘要:Please address the multi-part question shown below for your integrative paper assignment. The paper should be 15-20 pages in length, NOT including references or appendices. Please use APA style for your formatting of the paper.
Instructions for the MS Integrative PaperMS结合纸说明
Please address the multi-part question shown below for your integrative paper assignment.  The paper should be 15-20 pages in length, NOT including references or appendices.  Please use APA style for your formatting of the paper.  The paper is due to Dr. Niehm by e-mail attachment within 30 days of your receipt of the assignment. Please review the questions provided and contact Dr. Niehm if you need any clarification.请解决为一体的论文作业多部分的问题,如下图所示。报告应在15-20页的长度,不包括引用或附录。请使用APA样式格式的纸张。的纸张您收到分配的30天之内通过电子邮件附件是由于博士Niehm的。请仔细阅读提供的问题和博士Niehm联系,如果您需要任何澄清。
Market Research:  You are in charge of decisions concerning the growth/expansion, strategic market positioning, branding, and Marketing activities for a growing Chinese luxury apparel retail firm that specializes in women’s fashion products.  This firm is young and small, but seeks to develop multi-channel business operations and in particular grow their on-line customer base in the Chinese market. Use this perspective to answer the following series of questions.  Provide reference citations (APA format) as necessary to show depth of knowledge and scope of your research.市场调查:你是负责决定增长/扩张,战略性的市场定位,品牌推广,营销活动,越来越多的中国奢侈品服装零售公司,专门从事女性时尚产品。这家公司是年轻的小,但寻求发展多渠道经营业务,尤其是成长在中国市场上线的客户群。使用这个角度来回答下面的一系列问题。提供参考引文( APA格式)作为必要展现深度的知识和你的研究范围。
Provide a concise overview of the luxury apparel retail industry status in China.  Assess the major competitive advantages or disadvantages for small luxury retail apparel firms in this competitive climate (use SWOT approach to analyze) and suggest an overall approach to innovation, value creation for the firm and its customers, and the sustainability of your small firm.  Be certain to address the development of multi-channel (store and on-line) business models for this luxury retailer in your discussion.奢侈品服装零售行业在中国的地位进行了简要概述。评估的主要竞争优势或劣势的小型豪华服装零售企业在这个竞争激烈的环境下(使用SWOT方法分析) ,并提出一个整体的方法创新,公司及其客户创造价值,和你的小公司的可持续性。一定要解决多通道(存储和上线)在讨论这个奢侈品零售商的商业模式的发展。
Also discuss the potential for development of on-line luxury women’s apparel retail sales in the Chinese market.  Be certain to discuss the facilitators and barriers to growth of on-line shopping in China and provide a complete profile of your target customer base and their shopping preferences.还讨论了一线奢侈妇女的服装零售销售在中国市场的发展潜力。一定要讨论的主持人,在中国的网上购物增长的障碍,并提供一个完整的档案你的目标客户群和他们的购物喜好。
Choose an appropriate marketing theory, model, or framework (ie. resource based view, Porter’s theory of competitive advantage, diffusion of innovations, or other as appropriate) to explain and support the market positioning and strategic approach for your small retail firm.  Discuss why and how this theory, model, or framework will provide appropriate strategic guidance for the direction and multi-channel growth of your retail firm.
Marketing Plan Development:  Develop a modified version of a marketing plan for both the store and on-line business dimensions of this luxury retail business that includes situation analysis information such as customer demographics, market trends, competitors and other components.  Include supportive information about the target customer for your luxury retail brand, a summary overview of consumer behavior for Chinese women fitting your customer profile, and how you would build and maintain a relationship with your identified customer base.
You may use the sample modified marketing plan shown below and knowledge from your AMD, AESHM, business, and related courses on your POS to develop your proposed plan. Provide rationale for this plan with supplemental information from appropriate market research and data sources.  
Applying Knowledge from the Marketing Plan:
Propose 5 viable business strategies for marketing your luxury retail apparel brand and its offerings to the Chinese female consumer both in traditional stores and online. These strategies should result in a unified ‘strategy set’ that focuses on a variety of aspects important to the business such as pricing, promotion and advertising, place/positioning, customer relationships/service, and experiential elements such as promotional events. Provide solid reasoning for your selection of each proposed strategy.
Explain briefly how you would assess the performance of each proposed strategy.  Provide some reference citations to support your selection of each strategy.
Based on findings from your marketing plan and knowledge of the proposed firm and its customers, identify 5 key suggestions for your retail planning and buying team to enhance their merchandising decisions and firm performance.  Provide evidence from your market research to support each suggestion.
Modified Marketing Plan Framework
Environmental Audit
Conduct environmental scanning covering various environmental factors such as demographic, economic, social, cultural, political, legal, and technological trends that may affect directly or indirectly the desired identity of the business
Present the key findings along with applicable rationale
Provide references, whenever possible
Provide objective data or information that support your findings and rationale
Use tables, figures, charts, and other visual forms of presentations, whenever possible, for easier understanding by readers
Competitive Analysis
List the major competitors confronting your business 
Summarize the major competitive strengths and weaknesses of each competitor (you many want to use a table or chart to increase comparability)
Define what opportunities and threat may result for your client
Marketing/Promotional Trends
Monitor and summarize key consumer trends, competitive trends, and related industry trends
Present appropriate data in visual formats whenever possible
Examine the available segments
Identify whether there is any missing or emerging profitable segment; discuss and justify
Determine how each segment fits the capabilities of the business
Select major segments to be targeted with strategies
Develop a demographic and psychological profile for the chosen target markets so as to use it for developing marketing strategies and tactics
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