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Rent or buy a house租或买房,美国斯蒂芬楼奥斯汀州立大学留学
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论文题目:rent or buy house
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1.MLA格式research paper
The dilemma is the most tangled and difficult problem to solve, and there is usually no standard answer to it. Buying or renting a house is just that kind of dilemma. For different reasons, some people tend to buy a house while other people prefer to rent a house. Moreover, according to the individual circumstances, it was suitable to buy a house for some people while others are suitable to rent a house.困境是最纠结和难以解决的问题,而且通常没有标准答案。购买或租用的房子就是这样一种两难境地。对于不同的原因,有些人往往买房子,而其他人更喜欢租了一套房子。此外,根据个人情况,对一些人来说,适合买房,而另一些则适合租的房子。
There are three reasons for people to buy a house. To begin with, people want to buy a house is because that buying a house can make people more stable. There will always encounter a variety of problems when renting a house, such as high rents, such as bad lot, expensive rent, the unpleasant cooperation with the landlord, and so on. Frequent moving cannot be avoided because these problems when people renting a house. But as long as there are sets of our own room, we can settle down; in the second place, many people tend to buy a house is because of their concept of home ownership. Over the years, the Chinese people always have a strong purpose to have their home ownership. The traditional concept of financial management always has made people to buy a house as their first choice. The pursuit of wealth is often not only for themselves, usually for the next generation, even under the next generation. And perennial social unrest makes people worried about their wealth carrier, so the real estate is regarded as the most reliable property; the third reason for people to buy a house is that the funding risks of buying a house is smaller. A lot of people think that the risk of buying a house is smaller than holding cash to rent an apartment. 人们买房子的原因有三。首先,人们要购买的房子是因为买房子,可以使人们更加稳定。总会遇到各种各样的问题时,租了房子,如高昂的租金,如坏很多,昂贵的租金,与房东不愉快的合作,等等。频繁的移动是无法避免的,因为这些问题时,租房的人。但只要有套自己的客房,我们可以安顿下来,排在第二位,许多人往往买房子是因为他们自置居所的概念。多年来,中国人总是有很强的目的性,有自己的置业。财务管理的传统观念,一直使人们买房子作为他们的第一选择。对财富的追求往往是不仅为自己,通常为下一代,甚至下下一代。和多年生的社会动荡使人们担心他们的财富载体,所以房地产被视为最可靠的财产;第三个原因,买房子的人是买房子的资金风险较小。很多人认为,买房子的风险小于持有现金租房子。
As the report goes, the rent and existing funds in the hands are variational, for instance, $1000 rent in the future may turn out to be 2000 or 3000, and in the case of inflation, 80 million cash is likely to shrink to 500,000 in the future or even lower purchasing power. Therefore, in the case of increasingly limited supply and tightening of land, buying a house will be more secure and less risky than the preservation of the funds.正如报告所说的租金和现有的资金在手中变,例如, $ 1000的租金在未来可能转出2000或3000 ,并在通胀的情况下, 80万现金是可能缩水到50万的未来,甚至更低的购买力。因此,在日益有限的供应和收紧土地,买房子的情况下,将是比保存的资金更安全,风险更低。
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